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Toffee Smiths in the Halifax Courier - March 2021

Just over two years ago we purchased a sweet shop with a long-standing history...
Just over one year ago a pandemic began and we went into lockdown...
Just over two months ago, we committed to creating a website for sweet lovers and transform the future of Toffee Smiths.

The last two years have not been boring to say the least. There have been many new ways of working to learn and compromises to make - in business and as a family, as we have settled into self-employed life. More importantly, there have been a greater number of achievements and sheer moments of joy that have made it all worthwhile. It's been a rollercoaster but one that is a pleasure to ride and return to, time and again. 

In January 2019, no one could have foreseen the onset of a pandemic that would challenge our business, and many others like it, beyond belief. It has been through hard work, determination and the devotion of our amazing customers that have kept us going over the last year. 

As a store holder in the heart of the Halifax Borough Market, we are deeply invested in the tradition of market stalls and committed to keeping our shop going for years to come. As true and well-intended a statement this may be, we came to realise that in the current climate, we need to be more creative and offer alternative ways for our customers to shop as well as looking to expand beyond the town of Halifax. 

This is our story, as featured in the Halifax Courier on March 11th 2021, about how we are shaping our future and will prove that a market stall can compete in shopping's digital age. 

We hope you enjoy reading about our journey.

Sweet Plans for the Future of Toffee Smiths

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